Misthy’s Friends Athene

21 november 2003 – 26 oktober 2015

Athene (A-nest) komt uit de combinatie

Holly Two von Bozener Hof & Arthur Misthy Amazing White Power

Je baasje zal je missen

Wij wensen het baasje van Athene  sterkte toe.

Athene a Nest

Monday I lost my last beautiful white diamond, Misthy’s Friend Athene.

In the morning we were playing in the field and all was well. When the clock. was 4 in the afternoon, she was no longer here, it was a big shock. It was like being hit by a truck I did not see coming.
Athene was suddenly not ok, I could not figure out what was wrong, everything was fairly normal and yet I could sense that it was not. When she would not eat her food and did not like to walk I knew there was something very wrong and drove to the vet in a hurry. It turned out it was a ruptured spleen because of a tumor, I could clearly see that she was about to shut down, she was not interested in her surroundings, my daughter and grandson quickly got a call when I knew that there was only one road now. So they ran from jobs and school and came immediately, as they wanted to be there to say goodbye, especially Mathias who loved Athene so much, they had something special together and had always had that since Mathias was born. Well I have my four little rascals to comfort me, but still it is so empty in the house now without my Athene and I miss her so so much, just as I still miss my Beauty-Girl and Chester boy

Annette Ege

Athene a Nest
Athene a Nest
Athene a Nest